Setting the Kids Table for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Kids Table

Setting the Kids Table for Thanksgiving

When I was a kid, sitting at the kids table was like a death sentence! It was mostly because I was the only teenager amongst a table filled with my little brother and our cousins who are at least 8 years younger than I am.  That feeling never has to happen again. My goal was to create a kids table even the adults would want to sit at.

With the help of Baby Bear’s friends we husked, peeled, mashed and arranged our way to our perfectly set table giggling all along the way.  You too can make the kids table a fun place to be with tons of activities to keep the pop!TOTs happy and busy.

Check out the details below!

Kids Thanksgiving Table - The GirlsWrangling these girls was  challenging! They were so excited about everything they had accomplished and were literally jumping for joy.

Thanksgiving Mini Turky - Cornish HenWe cooked a Cornish Hen to look like a tiny turkey. One Cornish Hen will feed four little ones.
They loved picking at the fruit it was garnished with.

Thanksgiving Hot ChocolateThe pop!TOTs loved these hot chocolates with chocolate shavings.

Thanksgiving Kids Table CornAhaana and Liana husked the corn.

Kids Thanksgiving Peeling PotatoesPeeling potatoes is not easy, but it made them appreciate the process and felt accomplished once they completed the task.

Chef Baby Bear Peeling PotatoChef Baby Bear in action.

Kids Thanksgiving Table - The Girls2The girls surround the sink to mash the potatoes. The pot is in the sink because it was hot.

Mashing PotatoesLiana mashes the potatoes and Brookie photo bombs her! lol

Baby Bear Flowers ArrangingThe girls partnered up and created flower arrangements for their table. We cut and gutted squash and used silk flowers for the centerpieces.

Kids Thanksgiving - Setting the TableLiana was so proud! She’s looking like a mini Martha Stewart.

Kids Thanksgiving Table - With FlowersThe table is set.

Thanksgiving Kids Table Flowers 1Brookie and Mehar’s arrangement. Can you believe? How beautiful!

Thanksgiving Kids FlowersLiana and Ahaana’s arrangement is stunning!

Kids Thanksgiving Table - The Table SettingA closer look at the table setting.

Kids Thanksgiving TableThe girls finally get to enjoy the fruit of their labor.

Thanksgiving Kids Table FoodThe Food.

Kids Thanksgiving - Good EatsThe spread.

Kids Thanksgiving Table - EatingThe girls chat and chew.

Thanksgiving Hot Chocolate cheersMehar sipping on her hot chocolate.