Super Bowl Cheat Sheet


If you’re not into football and don’t have the luxury of attending a Swanky Super Bowl party where the color scheme is more important than the actual plays here are a few tid-bits to help you navigate through the evening of a traditional Super Bowl party.

  • THE BASICS: The teams playing are the Baltimore Ravens (wearing purple) vs. the San Francisco 49ers (wearing white with red/gold accents)
  • LOCATION: The Super Bowl is being held at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans, home to the great Saints #WHODAT
  • HISTORY: This is the 47th Super Bowl and the first time the Superbowl will be in New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina
  • BRO BOWL: The head coaching battle between John and Jim Harbaugh is unparalleled in NFL history – YES THEY’RE BROTHERS! Gasp! Talk about competition! In the one previous Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh match-up it was a Ravens win!
  • FINAL BOW: The last game of Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis’ career will be played on Super Bowl Sunday.  He is one of the greatest linebackers ever to play the game. A win would be a fairytale ending to his career should Lewis and the Ravens emerge victorious. We just love happy endings!
  • FUTURE: Speaking of Lewis, many will be wondering what he will do after retirement – word on the street is that he already has a gig with ESPN
  • SQUIRREL DANCE: Learn Ray’s Dance of Glory. Google it, learn it… werk it! Make Ray Proud!
  • KISS THE GUNS: Not to be out done, Niners Quarterback Collin “Pistol” Kaepernick, who is single btw, recently filed to trademark the term “Kaepernicking” – a kiss of his bicep in celebration after scoring.
  • MAKING HISTORY: Collin Kaepernick also has the opportunity to be the second African American quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl, with the first being Doug Williams of the Washington Redskins back in Super Bowl XXII . oh, and at 26, he would be the youngest QB in history to win a Super Bowl.
  • LITTLE BLUE BOX: Here’s something most people don’t know… can you believe the Lombardi trophy, which is awarded each year to the team that wins the Super Bowl, is made by Tiffany’s! Swoon! The sterling silver trophy is 22 inches high and weights seven pounds. It traveled in its own personal Brink’s truck to New Orleans. Tiffany & Co. has made the trophy each year since the first Super Bowl in 1967.