So with Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and floral shops are getting ready to cash in while restaurants are overflowing with reservations.   But how nice would it be to make your own centerpieces and prepare a sumptuous dinner for you and your special someone, right at home?

In a 5 part video series entitled, “PulledTogether”, I teamed up with some of the best industry professionals to show you how to you can “PullTogether” a special valentines day for your honey.

Valentine's Day

Featured on: Munaluchi Bride follow them on instagram – @munaluchibride

Cinematography: MaeBFilms  follow her on instagram – @maebfilms

Florals: Phileanor  follow her on instagram – @phileanor

Table Design: pop! by Yaz  follow them on instagram – @yazatpop

Culinary: PulledTogether  follow them on instagram – @pulledtogether

Calligraphy:  Jenny  follow her on instagram – @jennyh1981

Makeup + Hair Artist: Sabrina Gilbert follow her on instagram @sabrinagilbert_nyc

Model: Shequita Orr

Up first is how to make a simple centerpiece by Emily Howard of Phileanor.

Valentine's Dinner

From Phileanor:
After apprenticing with two of the top floral designers in NYC , falling completely and madly in love with flowers and freelancing for nearly two years (in that order), I started Phileanor as an outlet for my own creative expression.  I felt that I had something different to offer than those I was learning from and working for simply because I possess a unique set of experiences that inform my way of looking at the world, which would in turn make my creations uniquely mine.  I am still defining my voice, but it’s been an incredibly rewarding process so far and I am excited for what the future holds in that regard.Going into this project, the only goal I had for my piece of it was that the flowers look good together.  I work best with clients that are somewhat flexible in their expectations and who trust that I’ll go the extra mile to make sure they get stunning work.  Luckily, the vendors involved in this project were like my dream clients in that they gave me the freedom to select a palette and flower combination that would really have some synergy.  Because this was a Valentine’s Day-themed shoot, I had it in my head that the floral palette should be fairly traditional – blush tones with pops of red and pink.  But it was all over when I got to the flower market the day before the shoot and stumbled upon the most beautiful variegated Japanese lisianthus I had ever seen.  Unable to resist its delicate beauty, I created the color palette around that single flower.You don’t have to be a florist with access to the New York City flower market to create stunning flower arrangements at home.  The better supermarkets, like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, usually carry a good variety of high quality flowers.  An even better option is your local farmer’s market.  If you have some masking tape, sharp scissors or clippers, and an empty vase (you can even use an old jar), you have everything you need to make an arrangement fit for a romantic dinner at home.

DIY Centerpiece from Mae B. Films on Vimeo.

  1. Fill vase 2/3 of the way full with water.
  2. Put four pieces of tape in the shape of a tic-tac-toe grid over the opening of your vase.  Put another piece of tape around the perimeter of the vase opening to secure your grid.
  3. Start your arrangement by placing your greenery / foliage in the vase, strategically draping them over the rim as you go.  The goal is to create “pockets” for the “face flowers” that you will add next.  If the stems of your foliage are sturdy enough, this is the step is where you will establish the shape of your arrangement.  Take care to avoid a perfectly round, dome shape.
  4. Create one that is more asymmetrical instead.
  5. Place your face flowers in the arrangement, nestling some of them down amongst the foliage and leaving some of them high.  Face flowers are your bigger, showy blooms; i.e., the ones you really want to show off and make the focus of your arrangement.  Group like-flowers in odd numbers throughout the arrangement so as to create a more natural-looking design.
  6. Add your wispy bits – like the paper-whites and spirea in this arrangement – last.  These should hover or float above your face flowers, thereby creating movement.
Tune in for Part 2!

Halloween: Dia De Los Muertos // Arise 360 The Details

Halloween: Dia De Los Muertos // Arise 360 TV

pop by yaz Dia de los muertos

Halloween is typically associated with carving Jack o’ Lanterns out of pumpkins, decorating with a ghoulish theme, and going trick or treating door to door while wearing costumes. Instead of the traditional route, I wanted to introduce a holiday that many Americans are unfamiliar with, that happens to take place during the same time period. Inspired by el Dia de los Muertos below is a detailed look at my decor and ideas. This is a nod to my Latinos as this holiday is becoming more mainstream and now more with the help of pop… more glamorous!


  • Segment Production // pop! by YAZ @yazatpop
  • Decor // pop! by YAZ
  • Flowers // pop! by YAZ
  • Cocktails // pop! by YAZ
  • Make-up // Elizabette Quezada @lizzyslove_xo
  • Photos // Amy Anaiz Photo @AmyAnaizPhoto
  • Cake + Cookies // IM Pastry Studio @IMPastryStudio

pop by Yaz Arise Dia De Los Muertos - Set-up

This is me behind the scenes setting up the table

pop by yaz Dia de los muertos - table

Dia de los Muertos—the Day of the Dead—is a holiday celebrated on November 1. Although marked throughout Latin America, Dia de los Muertos is most strongly associated with Mexico, where the tradition originated.

Dia de los Muertos honors the dead with festivals and lively celebrations.

pop by Yaz Arise Dia de Los Muertos - Cake

In order to celebrate, the families make alters and place ofrendas (offerings) of food, skulls and figures, candles, incense, yellow marigolds known as cempazuchitl (also spelled zempasuchil) and most importantly a photo of the departed soul is placed on the altar.

Traditional food you can prepare can include:

Pan de Muertos – Day of the Dead Bread

Calaveras de Azucar – Sugar Skulls

Calabaza en Dulce – Candied Pumpkin




pop by yaz Dia de los muertos - Yaz Quiles


I just love my flower crown and Lola did too!
They’re super easy to make with a few faux flowers, a glue gun and and headband.

pop by yaz Dia de los muertos


In Mexico, the streets near the cemeteries are filled with decorations of  papel picado, flowers, candy calaveras (skeletons and skulls), and parades. It is believed that the spirit of the dead visit their families on October 31st and leave on November 2nd.

pop by Yaz Arise Dia de Los Muertos - CakeA red velvet cake made by IM Pastry Studio

pop by Yaz Arise Dia De Los Muertos - Cookie


Don’t you just love these Dia de los Muertos sugar cookies? An easy substitute if you can’t make traditional sugar skulls.

Stay tuned… cocktails will be on the next post!

A Few of My Favorite Things // Birthday Brunch

A Few of my Favorite  Things Birthday Brunch Tablescape

A Few of My Favorite Things // Birthday Brunch

I can’t believe a full year has passed since my BFF’s birthday! Happy Birthday Fallon! This story is dedicated to the surprise birthday party I had for her last year. Picture it! It was 2012 and we in the Tri-State area were still trying to recover from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Her boyfriend and I were trying to secretly plan a party, but none of us even had electricity! We kind of lost hope and he decided to take her to dinner elsewhere. I just HAD to do something for my BFF as so many years had passed with no celebration. Rain, shine or hurricane it was on!

Literally, 2 days prior to her birthday my electricity came back on and the invitations went out. We surprised her with an Ice Skating date in Central Park – favorite thing #1 then followed up with brunch at my house. She had absolutely no idea we had this planned and it was such an incredible day filled with friends, fun and laughter!

Explore all the custom details below!


  • Event Production: pop! by YAZ
  • Venue: Private Residence
  • Catering: pop! by YAZ
  • Photography: pop! by YAZ &
  • Invitations: pop! by YAZ
  • Centerpieces/Flowers: pop! by YAZ
  • Cake: pop! by YAZ

A Few of my Favorite  Things Birtday Brunch  I thought the gold, peach and orange colors were perfectly Fallon. Soft and pretty, yet bold and makes a statement. Beyond that it was the best way to include her ultimate fall obsession – PUMPKINS!
PS. If you look really close you will see I also added a gold knitting needle to the centerpiece.

Peach Orange Flowers

Gold Tassel Giant BalloonI had to include these giant balloons and I tied the metallic gold streamers to create a tassle.

The Decor
My goal was to surround Fallon with all of her favorite things which includes Autumn, pumpkins, flowers, books, owls, books, sparkle, interior and fashion design. It’s a lot to get in, but I think I nailed it! The Birthday Girl was pretty pleased!A Few of my Favorite  Things Birtday Brunch Cake Caramel SpiceThe Cake
I customized the Caramel Spice Cake with a measuring tape to pay homage to Fallon’s love for fashion design and various Autumn flowers and branches.

A Few of my Favorite  Things Birtday BrunchCaramel Apple Parfait with Apple Cinnamon Granola
Mini Pumpkin Spice Pancakes with Banana and Walnut
Bacon Skewers
Spinach, Feta and Turkey Sausage Frittata
Chicken & Waffles
Parmesan Hash Cups

Caramel Apple Parfait
Caramel Apple Parfait with Apple Cinnamon Granola

Mini Pumpkin Spice PancakesMini Pumpkin Spice Pancakes with Banana and Walnut

Spinach Feta Sausage Jack FritattaSpinach, Feta and Turkey Sausage Frittata

Caramel Apples
Caramel Apples

The Food
I had fun creating little versions of her favorite brunch foods. Everything was mini and made by little ole’ me!

Apple cider Mimosa

pop Mimosa Bar

pop Mimosa BarThe Mimosa Bar
The Mimosa Bar featured
Apple Cider garnished with an Apple Ball
Pomegranate Ginger garnished with Candied Ginger Crystals
Spiced Chai Tea garnished with a Cinnamon Stick

Hydrangea // Bear Grass // Carnations

1 square 2 squareHydrangea // Bear Grass // Carnations


  • Hydrangea
  • Roses
  • Carnations
  • Bear Grass

This is another bright and beautiful pop! by YAZ arrangement from The Murphathon Charity event at the Merceredes Club. This centerpiece was housed in a glass cylinder wrapped in a tropical leaf and featured two types of Hydrangea, pink Roses, carnations and bear grass. This was one of my personal favorites from the evening.

Stay tuned for the final arrangement created for The Murphathon.




Jewel Toned Enchanted Baby Shower


Jewel Toned Enchanted Baby Shower

Is it just me or is everyone preggies right now? It seems like somebody put a little baby making juice in the water a few months ago.  I literally know at least 10 people in my life who are about to welcome a beautiful little pop!TOT into this world. I’m so excited!!! So, as you can imagine, me being an event producer and all many of my friends ask me about alternative baby shower themes that are not so baby-ish. You know… filled with frilly pink teddy bears, cartoons and rubber duckies. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with pastel pink, canary yellow or baby blue; however many of my sophisticated mommies-to-be prefer a theme that is timeless, elegant and a reflection of them.

A baby shower I worked on recently for one of my very best friends featured bold, jewel toned colors with a touch of glamour and whimsy. We wanted it to be refined and include some of her favorite foods in a chic way. I envisioned an enchanted tablescape set amidst a majestic garden with a live pond. Her longtime and dear friend had the most amazing house and was absolutely perfect location for it. Her home was straight out of a magazine. Originally the table was set to be outside just as I had envisioned. It was simply gorgeous! Just as the table and all of the décor was in place it began to rain! Oh no! We ran out and frantically collected all of them items. Fortunate for us her dining room was just as spectacular and regal. We set up the room and we were ready to go. No one would have known the wiser.

We offered up some of her favorite foods and snacks along with a few signature mocktails so even the mom-to-be can enjoy a few sips. Finally, we ended the day making custom onesies for the baby. It was such a wonderful and chic way to celebrate both mommy and baby.


  • Event Production: pop! by YAZ
  • Venue: Private Residence
  • Food: Monisha Akhoury
  • Photography: pop! by YAZ
  • Invitations: pop! by YAZ
  • Favors: pop! by YAZ



















Pink Protea // Godetia // Purple Statice


Pink Protea // Godetia // Purple Statice


  • Pink Protea
  • Godetia
  • Purple Statice
  • Roses

Rise and shine my lovelies! While the Sun may not have come to play today these bright and beautiful blooms surely did. The magenta, purple and pink Godetia flowers in the arrangement also goes by the name Farewell-To-Spring. While it feels more like we’re bidding adieu to the summer (le sigh)  I thought it would be most appropriate we channel the tropics and include the incredibly unique Protea Pink flower. I then finished it off with Purple Statice and some pink roses to fill it out. It’s so fragrant and colorful…. now only if the sun will come out to play.

Hoping this arrangement brightens up your Monday. Enjoy!




Backyard Summer Soiree


Backyard Summer Soiree

The Summer is almost coming to a close and it’s the perfect time to have an End of Summer Backyard Soiree!


  • Event Coordination: pop! by YAZ
  • Decor: pop! by YAZ
  • Flowers: pop! by YAZ
  • Photography: pop! by YAZ
  • Cocktails: pop! by YAZ and Wicked Indulgence Rum Punch
  • Catering: XQuisite Taste & Simmi’s Divine Cooking
  • DJ: DJ Vidal

Angela & Pete wanted a relaxed summer soiree which packed in their amazing friends, beautiful color and sumptuous food. Their one problem??? An absolutely empty yard. No problem for me! I quickly concepted some ideas for furniture and other decor and we were well on our way!

The décor featured geographic patterns in mellow greens and a soft golden yellow.  Relaxed, yet structured I wanted to bring in modern atheistic with vintage touches. I mixed vintage chocolate pieces such as the buffet for the dessert table and mixed it with more modern white Ikea pieces. The mix proved to be the perfect blend of both worlds.

Summer Soul Food
The menu featured robust appetizers with Latin Soul flavors

  • Mini Chicken & Waffles with Pineapple Maple Glaze
  • Truffled Mac & Cheese Bites
  • Arroz Con Pollo con Queso
  • Shredded BBQ Chicken stuffed in Honey Corn Bread Muffin
  • Deconstructed Beef Empanada
  • Mojo Shrimp Cocktail

See all of the details unfold below…

DSC_0717Dessert Buffet





Calla LilyHad to introduce them to Woodford Reserve  – one of my faves!

Wicked InduldenceWicked Indulgence Rum Punch

Wicked Induldence Rum PunchWicked Indulgence Rum Punch Cocktail

BartenderThe servers wore newspaper boy hats, suspenders and bowties.

Deflowered Concubine PinicThe Deflowered Concubine Cocktail on a picnic blanket

DSC_0783The Deflowered Concubine made it’s debut at this event…
I will do a post on this cocktail that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

DSC_0795DJ Vidal





DSC_0888Deconstruncted Empanadas

DSC_0835Mojo Shrimp

DSC_0823Mini Chicken & Waffles with Pineapple Maple Glaze


DSC_0820Shredded BBQ Chicken stuffed in Honey Corn Bread Muffin

AdonisChef Adonis

DSC_0815Caramel Apple

DSC_0782bArroz con Pollo y Queso

DSC_0781Truffled Mac & Cheese Bites

Cheese PlateCheese & Fruit Platter

AngelaOur Beautiful Host Angela and her little Prince

Have a fabulous yard that needs an equally fab soiree? Call me! Stand out with pop! by YAZ



Rock & Roll Grandiflora Roses // Alstroemeria // Carnations



  • Rock & Roll™ Grandiflora Roses
  • Alstroemeria
  • Roses
  • Carnations

Flowers are my version of happiness and there was no better way to start the week than with these Rock & Roll™ Grandiflora Roses which stopped me dead in my tracks. The stripes were striking! I wanted to keep the arrangement vibrant so I kept the colors in hues of red, pink and magenta.

square center white BG2

Artichokes // Peonies // Kumquats



  • Artichokes
  • Kumquats
  • Peonies
  • Spray Roses
  • Anemones
  • Poppy Pods
  • Unidentified #2

I recently produced this vibrant arrangement for a pitch we had with a major Cable Network. The event would be for one of my favorite foodcentric shows. The thought of presenting and winning the business beyond excited me!  I needed this arrangement to be unforgettable! Needless to say, I wanted to capture the essence of the show and the network with a unique floral arrangement that featured non-floral elements, interesting fruits and/or vegetables of some sort  along with some beautiful bold, modern and vibrant colors. I was first drawn to the delectable artichoke which served as the inspiration for the colors. Next I saw a bunch of kumquats which I knew just had to be included. Mix in the magenta and purple peonies and anemones and I was almost done. I then added these incredibly unique stems that featured these hard shells that looked like bells and poppy pods. While you cannot see it in this picture I put the flowers in a sage green colander and accented it with a wooden spoon.

What do you think the reaction will be at the Critics’ Table???? I guess you’ll just have to wait and see!

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide – Flowers


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and while a dozen red roses are nice, quite frankly it’s overdone, overpriced and well….not creative. Nothing says BE MINE  better than an arrangement created with your special someone specifically in mind. We at pop! don’t do boring. Step your game up and do something extraordinary.  We promise you’ll be thanked in very special and memorable ways…. Puuurrrr!

Final Tip: Since V-Day is on Thursday send the flowers on Monday so your sweetheart can have a week-long of swooning and cooing from her co-workers. Yum!

    Floral couture for the rustic inclined. How romantic is this vase made from wood, etched with your initials, to personalize your love?
    The Fashionista in your life will go crazy over Soft and Sweet which is bursting with beautiful gifts for your sweetie!
    Tulips are needed for kissing! This lovable arrangement features rich pink tulips and playful heart shaped grass loops.
    Chock full of the most amazing blooms Peonies, Orchids, Ranunculus and more! Your sweetheart will fall in love upon first sight.
    Surprise and indulge your special someone with Bloom’s hot red lucite gift box filled with an elegant mixed bouquet of flowers in pink and red, Bloom’s exclusive scented candle, Veuve Clicquot champagne, and Pierre Marcolini hearts with dark chocolate raspberry ganache in a white chocolate shell.
    Sexy, slender and seductive. Three different shades of calla lilies arranged in a twist inside a clear rectangle.