Luxe Safari Baby Shower


Luxe Safari Baby Shower

Step into this opulent Luxe Safari Baby Shower abound with golden animals and trees dripping in diamonds. In my mind, a safari should be an expedition to observe animals and nature in it’s most glamorous state.

Explore the alluring details in this Luxe Safari!


  • Event Production: pop! by YAZ
  • Venue: The Brownstone
  • Catering: The Brownstone
  • Photography: pop! by YAZ
  • Invitations: pop! by YAZ
  • Favors: pop! by YAZ
  • Cupcakes: Pink Cake Box
  • Cupcakes Stand : pop! by Yaz

44698_1560378818015_5735938_nThe Venue
The Brownstone’s Grand Conservatory proved to be an idyllic setting for this theme. The atrium’s natural light, gorgeous chandeliers and outside courtyard with fountain were just perfection!

44639_1560379458031_2697355_nTree Table
This table featured a custom made golden tree with strands of crystals and was accented with luscious antique white, peach and copper blooms.

Luxe safari pop by yazParasol Table
The other tables featured custom made parasol centerpieces, wrapped in strand of rhinestones with floating crystals.
The parasol centerpiece was flanked by an arrangement of peach and cream flowers.

The mommy-to- be wanted to include elephants because in Asian cultures elephant are a symbolic animal.
Elephants often symbolize wisdom, strength and royalty. Each guest received a custom painted porcelain elephant, crystal candle holders and two candles wrapped in raffia.

45526_1560379338028_4462405_nTable Setting
Each setting included the favors and were placed on a caramel wicker place mat

The flowers featured blooms in peach, antique white, copper and a soft yellow

Safari Cupcakes  Luxe Safari pop by yazCupcake Stand
I created these custom cupcake stands to incorporate both the natural elements
with the wood and the glitzy side with draped crystals

45046_1560381578084_6523313_nCupcake Animal Toppers
I painted each animal a beautiful metallic gold. The kids loved playing with them.

46097Gold Elephant - Luxe Safari pop by yaz_1560380378054_8183888_nGolden Animals
Throughout the space were painted golden animals bedazzled with rhinestone eyes

Jewel Toned Enchanted Baby Shower


Jewel Toned Enchanted Baby Shower

Is it just me or is everyone preggies right now? It seems like somebody put a little baby making juice in the water a few months ago.  I literally know at least 10 people in my life who are about to welcome a beautiful little pop!TOT into this world. I’m so excited!!! So, as you can imagine, me being an event producer and all many of my friends ask me about alternative baby shower themes that are not so baby-ish. You know… filled with frilly pink teddy bears, cartoons and rubber duckies. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with pastel pink, canary yellow or baby blue; however many of my sophisticated mommies-to-be prefer a theme that is timeless, elegant and a reflection of them.

A baby shower I worked on recently for one of my very best friends featured bold, jewel toned colors with a touch of glamour and whimsy. We wanted it to be refined and include some of her favorite foods in a chic way. I envisioned an enchanted tablescape set amidst a majestic garden with a live pond. Her longtime and dear friend had the most amazing house and was absolutely perfect location for it. Her home was straight out of a magazine. Originally the table was set to be outside just as I had envisioned. It was simply gorgeous! Just as the table and all of the décor was in place it began to rain! Oh no! We ran out and frantically collected all of them items. Fortunate for us her dining room was just as spectacular and regal. We set up the room and we were ready to go. No one would have known the wiser.

We offered up some of her favorite foods and snacks along with a few signature mocktails so even the mom-to-be can enjoy a few sips. Finally, we ended the day making custom onesies for the baby. It was such a wonderful and chic way to celebrate both mommy and baby.


  • Event Production: pop! by YAZ
  • Venue: Private Residence
  • Food: Monisha Akhoury
  • Photography: pop! by YAZ
  • Invitations: pop! by YAZ
  • Favors: pop! by YAZ



















Pink Protea // Godetia // Purple Statice


Pink Protea // Godetia // Purple Statice


  • Pink Protea
  • Godetia
  • Purple Statice
  • Roses

Rise and shine my lovelies! While the Sun may not have come to play today these bright and beautiful blooms surely did. The magenta, purple and pink Godetia flowers in the arrangement also goes by the name Farewell-To-Spring. While it feels more like we’re bidding adieu to the summer (le sigh)  I thought it would be most appropriate we channel the tropics and include the incredibly unique Protea Pink flower. I then finished it off with Purple Statice and some pink roses to fill it out. It’s so fragrant and colorful…. now only if the sun will come out to play.

Hoping this arrangement brightens up your Monday. Enjoy!




Kai Lan Pancake Play Date


Kai Lan Pancake Play Date

Chef Baby Bear strikes again! This time she made a weekday request to make Kai Lan pancakes. It sounded like this “Mommy… how about if we make Kai Lan pancakes? Yeah… I think that sounds like a great idea. And we can make Rintoooooooo and Hohoooooo. Actually, can we have a play date?” With eyes wide open and mouth on the floor I say “Wow!!! What a challenge!!!! Kai Lan, HoHo, Rintoo and friends?”  What can I say????? She suckered me in what that cute face.  That was Friday and by the afternoon the invites were out for that Sunday morning. The Baby Bear could not stop talking about her pending play date with her BFFs. Below is a look at their fun filled day! We can’t wait to do it again!

DSC_0472The Baby Bear set up her DJ station on my trunk. I asked her what she was doing and she said
“Mommy I am setting up my DJ Table” Like duh! What was I thinking?

DSC_0479DJ Baby Bear on the ones and twos! Do you see that skill?

Baby Bear Approved Playlist:

Mirrors  – Justin Timberlake
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – Taylor Swift
Diamonds – Rihanna
Scream & Shout – Will I. Am
Get the Sillies Out – Yo Gabba Gabba

DSC_0480Prior to the girls arriving I created templates for us to follow

DSC_0481Along with the actual drawing I planned out each area of the face and determined what
ingredient we could use to create each feature

DSC_0489They’re fancy! They make pancakes with brown eggs. Martha would be proud.

DSC_0493I told them the secret to fluffy pancakes. No, I can’t tell you… it’s a secret.

DSC_0492See Chef Baby Bear’s face? That’s the face of a kid who knows the secret.

DSC_0501Yup! Ahaana knows the secret too!

DSC_0520Then she did this! No patting! No patting! Ahaana use the SECRET!

DSC_0523Look at those big fluffy pancakes.

Slide1Brookie and Liana cut out the faces for their Kai Lan pancakes

Slide2Mehar and Ahaana make their cuts

Slide3Look at that! Hoho looks awesome!

DSC_0540  The girls make Kai Lan’s flowers with fruit roll-ups. What I love is that they created their own version of Kai Lan.
Brookie wanted to eat, I mean make the most use of the chocolate chips.

DSC_0543Painting on Kai Lan’s hair with chocolate syrup

DSC_0545Ahaana sprinkles on the coconut for Hoho’s fur

DSC_0548Use the scraps from her face to create hair

DSC_0554Rintoo by Mehar

DSC_0557Hoho by Ahaana

DSC_0564Kai Lan by Brooke

DSC_0569Kai Lan by Liana

DSC_0570  DSC_0577




TSlide4It was like the 3 year old version of The View, but much cuter and sprinkled with tons of giggles

Slide5     DSC_0604

DSC_0608The girls toast to the occasion

DSC_0616Brookie took center stage to sing all of the words like it was her own concert







DSC_0641  DSC_0643







  • Pancakes

Kai Lan #1

  • Banana and Grape- Eyes
  • Chocolate Chip – Nose
  • Fruit Roll-up- Flowers
  • Pancake painted in chocolate Syrup – Hair

Kai Lan #2

  • Banana/Blueberry- Eyes
  • Pancake painted in chocolate Syrup – Nose/mouth
  • Pancake dipped in chocolate Syrup – Mouth/Eye Brows
  • Fruit Roll-up – Flowers


  • Blueberries – Eyes
  • Chocolate Chip – Nose
  • Coconut – Fur
  • Pancake dipped in chocolate Syrup – Mouth/Eye Brows
  • Strawberry Syrup – Cheeks


  • Black Berry – Eyes
  • Banana – Nose
  • Pancake – Mouth
  • Fruit Roll-up – Tongue


  • Pot Lid (or other round item)
  • Grater Lid (or other oval item)
  • Various Cookie Cutters
  • Scissors
  • Paint Brushes

Jazz Age Lawn Party

Jazz Age Lawn Party Antique-496

Jazz Age Lawn Party

The Jazz Age Lawn Party is one of those annual events that my BFF and I mark in our calendars and anxiously await for. The Jazz Age Lawn Party is New York City’s original prohibition era inspired gathering which is hosted and conceived by Michael Arenella. Picture it… a Great Gatsby style summer soiree with thousands of people living in a 1920’s moment. Diamods, pearls, feathers, parasols and frocks. We’re like two little giddy school girls just thinking about it. Fallon even sent me a reminder last month. “Jazz Age Lawn Party just around the corner….get your tickets!!!.”  We should have been set. Truth be told I was not prepared. She was not prepared. We were just NOT ready!!!

How did this happen? Fallon and I had big plans, but apparently our lives had even bigger plans that got in the way. From the moment we departed Governor’s Island last year we started planning this beautiful table spread and even more amazing costumes yet somehow we missed the mark and we were wishing we had one more week to prepare.

Alas, we went, but later than we anticipated and of course not as prepared as we wanted. We made the best of it and hopped on the ginormous line to the ferry and walked in the heat to the packed lawn. Upon arrival the Baby Bear and I were met by my BFF Fallon and her BF Joe.  After finding a spot Joe and I bee lined it over to the St. Germain Bar to grab some cocktails to quench our thirst and quite frankly settle us down. Nothing a good cocktail can’t fix!

After the St. Germaine cocktails kicked in we finally were able to enjoy the day and take in the spectacular sights and sounds which included big band tunes by Michael Arenella and the Dreamland Orchestra . After it’s 8th year it’s apparent that people have finally caught on to this bauble and feather filled event. I still get a kick out of seeing thousands of people donned in their best 1920’s ensemble and generally all of the creativeness. I wish I had captured better pictures because there was so much to see. It felt like we had stepped back into time. A time where glamor and beauty reign.

I promise 2014 will be done in GRAND pop! STYLE!!! You hear that Fallon?!?!?! Let’s prepare now!

Below are my pictures, but here are a few other sites where you can check out the soiree is full swing!

Fashion I Sing

The Gothomist

The Gothomist Flickr

Moon Photos
Sarah Vrablik, Speckle Photo

DSC_0135The Baby Bear getting ready… lol

DSC_0147She’s all ready to go!

DSC_0141Diamonds and Pearls

DSC_0244Fallon & Joe

DSC_0347Just us dancing…


Rose Gold Engagement Rings

rose gold sl

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

One of the hottest trends this year in engagement rings is Rose Gold. Spotted on such celebrities as the stunning Blake Lively who makes us swoon with the equally gorgeous ring she rocks courtesy of her handsome beau and now husband Ryan Reynolds. Rose gold is a unique metal that whispers “I’m different!”   Soft and delicate it’s a stand out trend that I feel will stand the test of time!

Here are a pop! selections that will surely make her blush!


P.S. Need help finding the perfect ring? Contact me! Shhhh…. It’ll be our little secret!


  1. Morganite and Diamond Halo Two-Tone Ring White Gold & Rose Gold Ring
  2. Oval Pink Diamond Engagement Ring
  3. Tacori Rose Gold Pave Criss-Cross Diamond Engagement Ring
  4. Rose Gold Bezel Set Old European Cut Moissanite Twig Wood Grain Design Engagement Ring
  5. Emerald-Cut Diamond  Rose Gold Ring
  6. Rose-gold diamond engagement ring with rose-cut center stone

Hydrangea Globe // Bear Grass


Hydrangea Globe // Bear Grass



  • Hydrangea
  • Bear Grass

I created this Hydrangea Globe with orbiting Bear Grass for the Murphathon Charity event at the Mercedes Club. As soon as saw  the blue and white almost tiger like stripe of the blooms I instantly fell in love! It was perfectly simple, yet impactful! Boom! (Insert Eye of the Tiger song) I had my rocky music on and was ready to take on a few of these along with several other arrangements before my leg of the marathon run! Stay tuned for additional details from the #Murphathon Charity event including several other arrangements and pictures of the 26 runners raising funds for Lauren Murphy.